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Where the land ends and the sea begins.
Located in the westernmost point of mainland Europe, Cape Roca also forms the starting point of the Atlantic Ocean. In the 16th Century, Portuguese opened up a new maritime navigation era and promoted the development of International trade. From then on, human beings witnessed unprecedented social development. Similarly, Roca International is dedicated to turning a new page in headhunting histories. 

Roca International is a professional headhunting company which focuses on providing its potential client’s information and appointed candidates' information to famous firms worldwide. Understanding that the current business community is now facing more challenges, we commit ourselves to delivering excellent services that enable our clients to win in the ever-changing world of work.

Most of our consultants joined our company from senior positions in the industry sectors they now serve. With global version and abundant professional knowledge, they grasp the trends timely, which ensure our clients have access to the qualified and updated daily information to achieve greater success.

With our timely-scheduled searching process, rich database and global network, as well as professional services, it's not surprising that most of the world leading organizations corporate with Roca International to receive qualified and updated services to support their businesses.

All of our colleagues are willing to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Core Vision: To help leading corporations, governments and personnel be more successful.

Core Mission: Qualified talents, easily gained for each Company. Let them drive the world

Core Activity: Roca Headhunters, New Experience Explorers!

Long-term strategic goals           Passionate and professional services

Personal achievement reward           Team spirit            Result-oriented

Emphasis on client feedback

Honesty                            People-oriented      Cooperation
Pursuit of excellence          Innovation             Open attitude             Passion